What is the AEMP API?

The AEMP API is an ISO-standard for communicating construction equipment telematics data for select off-highway asset classes.

What else should you know?

The namesake of the API is AEMP, which stands for the “Association of Equipment Management Professionals”.

The AEMP API is an alias for the ISO Standards, initially put forth by AEMP in 2010 as a 1.0 version, but really finalized for market use as a 2.0 version in ~ 2016.

The benefit of the AEMP API is that it normalizes all data from each respective OEM (manufacturer) to a consistent standard of naming convention and calculation.

Linked here is a detailed support guide for the AEMP API, provided directly by AEMP.


How has the AEMP API been standardized?

AEMP put forth their API standard, on behalf of equipment managers, by ensuring both OEM support and ISO standards enforcement. The technical standard with ISO is “ISO 15143-3”.

Just in case, ISO stands for “International Organization for Standards” (Switzerland-based) and is the default global organization for establishing technical standards.


How does John Deere integrate the AEMP API?

Visit here to see the John Deere AEMP API implementation. To get started, contact their support team, along with a supporting customer’s JD Link ID for verification, and they will connect you to their AEMP API.


How do you get access to the Caterpillar AEMP API?

Visit here to see details on how to integrate to the CAT AEMP API. CAT positions the service as an upsell product, so be willing to pay for the API access.

Here is a pdf from CAT that goes into greater detail.


How do you get access to the Case CE AEMP API?

Curious how to get access to telematics data for your CASE CE Equipment? You’ll need access to SiteWatch.


How do you get access to the AEMP API in Volvo CE Equipment?

To access this, make sure you have access to the ActiveCare Direct platform from Volvo CE.


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