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with an industry-wide perspective



Manufacturers are the foundation of the equipment industry. We reveal trends and early indicators you won’t find anywhere else.



Dealer’s service capabilities define their success. For the first time, understand the relative service capabilities of individual dealers.



Financial offerings have never been easy to search – until now. Search incentives and discounts from leading manufacturers.


Trackers & Indexes

Understanding trends isn’t easy. But through our proprietary trackers and indexes, we make it clear and simple. Better understand market production issues overall, as well as backlog trends for specific manufacturers. 

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OEM Production Backlog Tracker

See production backlog trends and production inventory trends to begin to take control of supply chain issues.

OEM-Specific Production Backlogs

Deep-dive into the production backlogs of specific construction and access equipment manufacturers, while also getting The Heavy’s take on what we’re seeing in the data.


Using The Heavy’s proprietary data, we identify and rank top performers across the equipment industry. Free to access – no membership required. And more rankings coming available, soon.


None of the same ole’ equipment data here. Our new, proprietary data set answers the unanswered questions in our industry – searchable OEM incentive offers, dealer service and parts benchmarks and hidden signals in trends from major manufacturers’ public communications.

Three datasets available today and more coming online.

When buying or leasing equipment from a manufacturer, you’re likely leveraging a financial incentive offer to do so – a discounted loan rate, cash rebate, included maintenance plans and more.

But finding these offers, across OEMs, is practically impossible.

And analyzing the fine print – good luck.

Enter the new OEM Incentive Offer Database from The Heavy:

  • Aggregated incentives, all in one place
  • Now searachable by key criteria, like expire date, equipment subtype, availability and more
  • “Small” font contract language pre-analyzed, helping you avoid risk

Save tons of time, discover new OEMs and avoid contract risk, going forward.

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Note – this database is available to The Heavy+ members only.

Dealers are the the key to success in the equipment industry, ensuring equipment keeps running, as any customer of equipment will tell you.

As a result, their service capability is the most defining aspect of why customers select specific dealers.

But measuing the true service capability of a dealer – number of mechanics, mechanics tenure and more – has traditionally been an impossible data point to acquire. Until now.

The Dealer Service and Parts Benchmark Database from The Heavy:

  • 20+ dealers and 1,900+ service personnel and data constantly growing
  • Critical team size and experience benchmarks
  • Coverage of both the service and parts teams
  • Benchmarks provided in context of standardized team hierarchy and roles

Now, easily find and compare dealer service capabilities to have the maximum confidence in your dealer selection.

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Note – this database is available to The Heavy+ members only.

The days of inventory being there, just in time, are gone as new equipment availability, both in the short in long term, is now the main discussion topic among equipment industry leaders.

As a result, we have to begin to dive deeper to look for signals that give us early awareness of issues with machine availability.

Enter the new Public Company Signals – Manufacturers Database from The Heavy:

  • Data-mined insights from the most important OEMs public calls and communications
  • Easily discerned signals regarding supply chain, inventory, backlog issues and more
  • Compare size of issues across OEMs

Don’t “drive blind” any longer. With manufacturer signals get the early intelligence you need to better manage your equipment processes.