Dealers – # of Service Employees per Location

Dealers – # of Service Employees per Location

Last Updated: June 16, 2022

About This Ranking

In this ranking, the focus is on the service capability of dealers, and specifically measures the average number of service employees per location.

Why is this ranking important?
For end users of equipment, machine service is most often their top concern – a leading indicator of a dealer partner’s ability to deliver on the promise of uptime. For manufacturers and dealers, it’s critical benchmark intelligence, helping justify investments and strategic decisions.

This metric, along with other rankings, is a helpful tool to understand the relative level of investments by dealers using discrete, objective data.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the source data and dealer-specific performance, click on the orange button on the right, or visit the FAQs section, down below.

The Rankings

RankDealer NameAvg. Service Employees per LocationPrimary OEM
1Wagner Equipment5.38Caterpillar
2Empire CAT5.05Caterpillar
3Altorfer CAT4.15Caterpillar
4RDO Equipment3.88Deere
5Carter Machinery3.45Caterpillar
6Quinn Company3.16Caterpillar
7MacAllister Machinery3.06Caterpillar
8Holt CAT3.00Caterpillar
9Mustang CAT2.90Caterpillar
11Foley Equipment2.67Caterpillar
12United Construction & Forestry2.50Deere
13Yancey Bros. Co.2.40Caterpillar
14Warren CAT2.39Caterpillar
15Thompson Tractor2.35Caterpillar
16ASCO Equipment2.33Case CE
17Scott Equipment2.31Volvo CE
18Ziegler Caterpillar2.17Caterpillar
19RUDD Equipment2.15Volvo CE
20Linder Industrial Machinery2.13Komatsu
21Peterson CAT2.00Caterpillar
21Butler Machinery2.00Caterpillar
23Arnold Machinery1.95Volvo CE
24Boyd CAT1.89Caterpillar
25Ring Power CAT1.89Caterpillar
26Western States Equipment1.83Caterpillar
27Ascendum Machinery1.79Volvo CE
28N C Machinery1.69Caterpillar
29Ohio CAT1.43Caterpillar
30Doggett - John Deere1.38Deere
31Papé Machinery1.29Deere
32Louisiana CAT1.26Caterpillar
33Murphy Tractor & Equipment1.25Deere
34Road Machinery LLC1.21Komatsu
35Van Keppel Equipment1.18Volvo CE
36H&E Equipment Services1.13Komatsu
37Roland Machinery1.12Komatsu
39James River Equipment1.08Deere
40Alta Equipment0.96Volvo CE
41Fabick CAT0.78Caterpillar
42Anderson Equipment0.78Komatsu
43Stribling Equipment0.75Deere
44Cleveland Brothers Equipment0.68Caterpillar
45Birkey's Farm Store0.67Case CE
45Sonsray Machinery0.67Case CE
47Southeastern Equipment0.64Case CE
48Titan Machinery0.54Case CE
49Flint Equipment0.39Deere

Frequently Asked Questions

First, did you know that the people behind The Heavy have been building data and insights solutions for the equipment industry for 10+ years? Due to that deep experience, along with proprietary methods for data collection and structuring, including big data-acquisition methods and AI-powered data cleansing, we have unique methods to build insights products.

This ranking leverages a database of employees for each dealer. Using proprietary collection and cleaning methods, we are able to aggregate a database of service employees with an accuracy rate of 98%. Job titles are cleaned and mapped to the standards you will see on the individual dealer pages, using a combination of manual mapping and AI-powered text classification. We then pair that data with location count to derive this insight.

As a young business, we are interested in listening to our readers and customers and understanding what they want, so we haven’t yet finalized (as of the publishing of this FAQ), our long term standard for update frequency of this data. That being said, our initial hunch is quarterly.

Absolutely. Email us at and share your interest.

As you would imagine, we do have a roadmap for adding to this list.

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