The Heavy

We're equipment intelligence veterans who believe the "old" intel solutions are no longer enough.

It's time for a new source of data and insights.

Our Mission

We’ve been providing information, data and intelligence to equipment leaders in construction, dealerships, manufacturers, finance and insurance for over a decade, helping drive critical understanding of used price trends, rental rate trends and more.

But then 2020 came and the greatest supply chain disruption in equipment industry history hit.

Now, questions like “what’s the optimal price to pay for my equipment?” have been replaced with questions like “how do I get equipment at all?”

The old data, the old tools no longer work. We find ourselves in need of new data and new insights that help us answer entirely new questions.

And that’s why we have built The Heavy. 

Our mission is to find new data, new insights, new signals and pass them on to the equipment leadership community in an accessible way.

Our Platform

You haven’t seen anything like The Heavy platform, which consists of:

  • Free newsletter. A great starting point, our weekly-ish newsletter contains links to insights, data and other relevant content.
  • Analyst insights. Available in both free and members-only content, expert-driven analysis of our data, as well as other strategic resource content you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Data. For members only, access the data in an online form that anyone can use. Want data for offline use? Contact us.
  • Rankings. Accessible by both members and non-members, Rankings come from our data sets and make relative performance easy to understand.

Think of us as a news site combined with a data/intel business and the best of both – easily accessed content, sent to you directly, along with custom data and visualizations when you want to go deeper

Our Leadership

Garrett Schemmel

Garrett Schemmel


Garrett has led equipment industry intelligence and software businesses for the past 10 years. Most recently, he founded IronUp. Before that, he led the rejuvenation of EquipmentWatch, a 50+ year old equipment intel business serving 3,000+ companies across the equipment ecosystem.

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Work with Us

So, did you read the above? Great. Now, you know our mission and what we’re about.

More detail: we are a 100% remote business, with a team structure composed of engineering (front and back end), product management, analysts, sales (inside and out) and conversion-centric marketers.

Does one of those, above, fit you?