Equipment Re-Rental

Equipment Re-Rental

What is Equipment Re-Rental?

Equipment Re-Rental is a process equipment rental suppliers use to rent equipment amongst one another to meet an unmet customer need.

What else should you know?

When contractors are renting equipment, traditionally, you make a request (or more formally, a Rental RFQ) to a rental supplier around specific asset types. Additionally, you supply other requirements or considerations:

  • Quantity
  • Specific Preferred Models
  • Allowed Alternative Types
  • Date Needed
  • Length of Agreement
  • Unique Specifications or Technical Capabilities

Based on the detail of your input, above, the specific supplier may not have the desired asset available. At that point, should they have existing relationships with other suppliers, they can request a “re-rent” from another supplier.


The Importance of Re-Rent for National Rental Companies

Equipment re-rental is most common in situations where a National Rental Company (Sunbelt Rentals, United Rentals, HERC Rentals) has an unmet need in peak times or geographic regions where they have less coverage. In these scenarios, a local rental company may re-rent equipment to the National to meet need.


The Visibility of Equipment Re-Rentals to Contractors / Renters

As a renter of equipment, you most likely will never be able to tell your equipment is a re-rental. You may notice separate branding of the piece of equipment, but don’t expect any cost or communication differences for a re-rented asset.

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