Dealers – Average Tenure, Mechanics (USA-W)

Dealers – Average Tenure, Mechanics (USA-W)

Last Updated: June 1, 2022

About This Ranking

In this ranking, the focus is on the service capability of dealers, and specifically the average tenure of the mechanics, or technicians, on their service teams.

This ranking is specifically focused on the west region of the United States. The Heavy borrows the US Census definition of the west, which includes the following states:

  • Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Note: only employees in-region are included. Only dealers with 10+ employees in-region are included.

Why is this ranking important?

For end users of equipment, machine service is most often their top concern – a leading indicator of a dealer partner’s ability to deliver on the promise of uptime. For manufacturers and dealers, it’s critical benchmark intelligence, helping justify investments and strategic decisions.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the source data and dealer-specific performance, click on the orange button on the right, or visit the FAQs section, down below.

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The Rankings

RankingRegion NameCompany PageAvg Tenure# PeoplePrimary OEM
1WestQuinn Company11.1937Caterpillar
2WestWestern States Equipment10.3425Caterpillar
3WestWagner Equipment9.9448Caterpillar
4WestArnold Machinery9.4124Volvo CE
5WestPeterson CAT8.3325Caterpillar
6WestN C Machinery817Caterpillar
7WestEmpire CAT7.9367Caterpillar
8WestH&E Equipment Services5.4220Komatsu
9WestSonsray Machinery4.911Case CE
10WestPapé Machinery4.6126Deere
11WestRDO Equipment4.3313Deere
12WestRoad Machinery LLC3.8614Komatsu

Frequently Asked Questions

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